We believe that FoodPharmacy™ is the world’s easiest, most customizable, and powerful, patient specific, diet therapy nutritional program available today.

However, the optional integration into Intelligent’s powerful wellness coaching app and programs for healthcare professionals is anticipated to take health and wellness to an entirely new level.

The FoodPharmacy report and food list will be viewable directly from the client’s app. The Intelligent app provides both the practitioner and the patient an incredible experience with many additional features:

FoodPharmacy & Intelligent will Transform Wellness

  • Healthcare Coach dashboard to view patient results and inputs
  • Warnings and Alerts on coach dashboard when patients are outside set parameters as determined by the algorithm and the Practitioner.
  • Automated messaging to patients.
  • Select or broadcast messaging to patients from the coach’s dashboard.
  • Access to resources and videos on the client portal.
  • Messaging between the patient and healthcare coaches.
  • One of the largest number of health biomarkers obtained from BIA (bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) when used with the Intelligent Bio-Composition Analysis Scale: Weight, Fat Mass, Fat Percentage, Water Mass, Water Percentage, Metabolic Age, BMI, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Fat Free Mass, Muscle Mass, Muscle Percent, Muscle:Fat Ratio, Skeletal Muscle Mass Index, Bone Mass, Protein Index, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), DCI (Daily Calorie Intake), and Physique Rating.
  • Reports and graphing of BIA Biomarkers.
  • View Client meal Journaling and macronutrient breakdown.
  • Numerous other functions to help the practitioner to successfully guide the patient toward their wellness goals.