How It Works

Let thy food be thy Medicine,
and thy medicine be thy Food.


FoodPharmacy™ Software allows you to create diets by using a simple Patient Intake checklist completed during the patient interview. Data entry, which only takes a few minutes, can then be delegated to an assistant or the patient can input their information directly into the program. The program factors all criteria together and creates a clear, color-coded food list known to increase patient compliance.

With the simple click of a mouse, FoodPharmacy™ Software allows you to quickly, easily, and simply, adjust a patient’s macronutrient ratios and intake of food source vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids. Within minutes, you can combine those criteria with any combination of blood type, Ayurvedic type, metabolic type, body type, or TCM types. In addition, you can factor in known, cited, and referenced therapeutic dietary protocols for hundreds of medical conditions. The program’s logic prevents cross interference, so you can safely treat one condition without worsening another.


FoodPharmacy™ is an extremely valuable resource in any of the industries in the Health and Wellness environment.

  • Natural health Practitioners – Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Functional Medicine, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Ayurvedic Medicine, etc.
  • Medical Practitioners – Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, etc.
  • Pharmacies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Hospitals
  • Dietitians
  • Sports Medicine
  • Gyms
  • Personal Trainers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Nutrition Stores

FoodPharmacy™ is for every practitioner

If you are new to diet therapy, FoodPharmacy™ Software can be quickly and easily integrated into your practice, regardless of previous training or experience. It does not require prior nutritional knowledge. If you can identify a patient’s health history or challenges, you can create dietary guidelines that can truly help them.

If you are a nutritional expert, FoodPharmacy™ Software is a fantastic tool that allows you to adjust and fine tune the intake of nearly any food source nutrient and adjust macronutrient ratios to fit the best diet type based on your knowledge.

FoodPharmacy™ includes expert, proprietary data

Our software contains data from renowned allergy expert Laura Power, PhD, on her original research studies, spanning more than 20 years, showing statistically correlated ABO blood types to three kinds of food allergies (IgE, IgG, and T-cells). This data also includes A1-A2 sub-types, Rh type and gender specific allergies. Her research was exclusively licensed to FoodPharmacy™ for use in our software.

We also have options created just for FoodPharmacy™ by the world’s leading Metabolic Typing™ expert, William L. Wolcott (author of the Metabolic Typing Diet), plus special features in our software for his Certified Metabolic Typing™ Advisors.

FoodPharmacy™ supports 30 languages

Our software features the ability to print dietary guidelines in the following languages

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • Croatian
  • English (USA)
  • English (UK)
  • Farsi
  • Filipino
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish (Castilian)
  • Spanish (Latin)
  • Swedish
  • Thai

**FoodPharmacy™ Software incorporates known nutritional strategies that address both causes and symptoms based on the latest research from nearly 1,000 current scientific papers and studies, plus the opinions and clinical observations of renowned nutritional experts such as Jeffrey Bland, Robert Crayhon, Alan Gaby, Dietrich Klinghardt, Ben Lynch, Michael Murray, Paul Pichford, Joseph Pizzorno, Laura Power, David Watts, Melvyn Werbach, William Wolcott, Jonathan Wright, and many others.

The Most Powerful
Multifactorial Personalization

FoodPharmacy™ enables the practitioner to create personalized food lists for their patient in seconds with just a few clicks or they can create practically unlimited possibilities of customized and personalized nutrition and weight loss for their patient. Whatever your nutritional philosophy and belief is, FoodPharmacy™ will fit right in. It is the tool that your patients need and deserve to optimally support their body.

Whether you have little nutritional experience and use the preset values or are an elite expert in nutrition and wish to utilize the myriad of advanced settings, there is no program like FoodPharmacy™.

Powerful Dietary Therapy Types:

  • Metabolic types (the Metabolic Typing Diet is based on this)
  • Endocrine types (Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type Diet is based on this)
  • ABO blood types (the Blood Type Diet and the Biotype Diet are based on this)
  • Rh blood types (the Blood Type Diet and Biotype Diet are based on this)
  • Ayurvedic types (Ayurvedic diets are based on this)
  • Apply FODMAP Diet Therapy Restrictions (FODMAP Diet is based on this)
  • Apply GAPS Diet Therapy Restrictions (GAPS Diet is based on this)
  • Apply Specific Carbohydrate Diet Therapy Restrictions (Specific Carbohydrate Diet is based on this)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Food types (Doctors of Oriental Medicine recommendations based on this type)
  • Gender (there are gender differences in blood type/food allergy correlations)
  • Age based (there are certain foods that are acceptable for adults but should be avoided by children)

Customization based on Cultural or Food Preferences

Allows exclusion of any of these categories.

  • No non-Kosher foods
  • No non-Muslim foods
  • No non-Hindu foods
  • No red meat
  • No poultry
  • No fish or seafood
  • No eggs or egg products
  • No dairy foods

Customization based on Health History, Conditions, or Challenge

  • Over 215 Conditions that can be applied toward custom food list (5.266 x 1064 total possible combinations)

Customization based on Dietary needs or Food Component Reactions:

  • Gluten (Gluten Free Diet)
  • Casein & Lactose intolerances (Dairy Free diet)
  • Other Food component reactions including:
    • Amines
    • Citrus Fruits
    • Eggs
    • Glutamates
    • Salicylates
    • Shellfish
    • Soy
    • Sulfites
    • Theobromine
    • Yeast
  • Foods that provide nutritional support for up to 32 specific tissues, glands, or organs
  • The patient’s known food allergies or hypersensitivities

Other Factors that can be applied

Practitioner can Increase

  • Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids (Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, Omega Plan Diet, are based on this)
  • Foods high in monounsaturated fat (a principle component of The Mediterranean Diet)
  • Foods high in water (a component of the Volumetrics Diet)
  • Foods high in fiber (a component of the Paleo Diet and Volumetrics Diet)
  • Foods that support healthy thyroid function (the thyroid gland controls metabolism)
  • Foods with high ORAC score / Antioxidant-rich foods (recommended by the World Health Organization)
  • Alkaline Ash Foods (the Acid Alkaline Diet is based on this)
  • Phytosterol-rich foods (based on growing evidence of the benefits of phytosterols)
  • Detoxifying foods (featured in environmental health diets)
  • Foods high in phytic acid (phytates are known to prevent osteoporosis)

Practitioner can Decrease:

  • Foods high in cholesterol (American Heart Association Diet)
  • Foods high in saturated fats (the Paleo Diet, American Heart Association Diet, and South Beach Diet)
  • Foods high in sugar (recommended by the World Health Organization, DASH diet, Sugar Busters Diet)
  • Foods high in corn syrup (World Health Organization, DASH diet, and Sugar Busters Diet)
  • Medium glycemic foods (Glycemic Index Diet, Glycemic Load, and diabetes diets)
  • Foods that contain goitrogens and thiocyanates that suppress thyroid function (the thyroid gland controls metabolism)
  • Foods high in oxalic acid (oxalates bind with minerals preventing their absorption and causing stones, such as kidney stones)
  • Foods high in phytic acid (phytates may prevent the absorption of the minerals iron, zinc, and manganese)
  • Foods high in carbohydrates (Atkins Diet and Keto are based on this)
  • Foods with artificial sweeteners (artificial sweeteners can ironically cause weight gain)
  • Decrease foods with Arginine while increasing foods with Lysine (the Anti-Viral Diet is based on this)

Practitioners can Eliminate:

  • High glycemic foods (recommended by the Glycemic Load & Glycemic Index Diet)
  • Foods that contain carcinogens (recommended by the World Health Organization)
  • Foods contaminated with mercury (recommended by the World Health Organization)
  • Foods containing trans-fatty acids (a component of the South Beach Diet)
  • Foods with known toxins (recommended by the World Health Organization)
  • Foods high in heavy metals (recommended by the World Health Organization)
  • Foods containing additives, salicylates, amines, and glutamates (The Failsafe Diet, the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital elimination diet “RPAH” are based on this)
  • Foods high in histamines or decrease foods that increase release of histamines (Histamine Intolerance Diet is based on this)
  • Foods with estrogen-like chemicals that may disrupt neurotransmitters

Advanced Practitioners:

  • May apply their own combination of factors with the ability to increase, decrease or eliminate any combination of 76 different Vitamins, Minerals, essential and non-essential amino acids, Fatty Acids, as well as other associated nutrients and factors.

No wonder why so many Nutritional Experts
swear by the FoodPharmacy™program. It’s time to transform your practice with FoodPharmacy™.